Welcome to PrimaCare

We are a team of family physicians, nurse practitioners, registered nurses, social workers, dietitians, and other professionals working together to provide health care in the communities of Ayr, Paris, St. George, and Burford area.

Through the Quality Innovation and Improvement Program we are involved in providing in-depth chronic disease management strategies.

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After Hours Clinic

The After Hours Clinic provides care to PrimaCare patients for chronic medical problems.

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Never Too Late

Never Too Late is a popular senior health & fitness program offered at the Willett Hospital.

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Healthy You Program

Join our Healthy You program! Next session starts January 11th, 2018. Embrace a new year with a new healthier you!

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Would you like to schedule an appointment?

If you are a patient of one of the PCFHT Physicians contact us to find out how to access our services. Emergencies CALL 911

INR Clinic

For patients who are at an increased risk of forming a blood clot or for patients who have experienced a blood clot recently.

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Chiropody Clinic

Our Chiropodist focuses on the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of acute disorders of the foot to patients at a high-risk.

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Social Work Clinic

Assist clients in dealing with personal and social problems by delivering counseling, community and social support programs.

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OTN Clinic

OTN uses videoconferencing and other electronic equipment to connect you so that you will not have to leave your community.

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Nutrition Clinic

A Registered Dietitian can provide advice on nutrition, food and healthy eating choices to help you look good and feel great.

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Blood Pressure clinic

To promote cardiovascular health in our community and to raise awareness about the importance of blood pressure monitoring.

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